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Since 2011, Clearwater Beach Scooter and Bike Rentals has been providing quality rentals to Clearwater,  If you're on a beach vacation, there's no reason to rent a car to get from your hotel room to the beach—they use too much gas, and it is difficult to find parking for them. You may end up walking farther than you drove! With our scooter and  cruiser rentals, however, you'll enjoy a short trip to the beach. You can park just about anywhere (no sidewalks or beaches) you like , so you can enjoy more of the scenery! For families with children, you can also find kid's bikes, tug-alongs, and child carriers for your bikes. Our rental vehicles provide a fun experience for the entire family


  At Clearwater Beach Scooter and Bike Rentals, we want to be sure you get the most from your trip, whether it's a simple beach day or a vacation With our key west style rentals you can rent by the hour, day, weekly and overnight! they are a great way to see our beautiful beach and fun for the whole family!


 Recently expanding to include Gas powered ,6 passenger Golf Carts, ScoSurry Bikes 8 an 5 Passenger, Child bikes , Scooters , 3 speed Beach Cruisers, Geared Bikes,Phat tire , Road Bikes , Kids Tug-a-long bike an trailers, Tandem Bike, an THE POPULAR SCOOT COUPES CARS. All motorized Vehicles STAY ON THE ISLANDS. You may travel as far as Johns Pass, over the Sand Key Bridge which is a nice drive heading South .


We Have water Sports including  Jet Ski ,Lockers, Beach Chairs w/Umbrellas, Para Sailing, Stand Up Paddle boards, Tandem Kayaks, Banana Boat Rides and  rentals.


Our variety of beach vehicle rentals means that you can Enjoy a day-or a vacation-on the beach individually, as a couple, or with the entire family



         FREE VALET PARKING MON - THUR  @ Shephards Beach Resort

                                 (Excluding Holidays an Hotel Events)

The Newest Machines and Rentals
Check out the beaches the way the locals do. Come rent a bike and see all the sites of our beautiful beaches! We offer Key West style rentals by the hour, day, or week. Fun for the whole family. The fastest and easiest way to get around the beach is via bicycle. We have kids' bikes and adult bike with the pull behind for small children. Located in front of Shephards Beach Resort, just a short distance from shops and parks. Key West style rentals offering by the hour, day, or week with discounts for longer rentals. We have helmets, locks, and baskets for all your rental needs. Come see us and ask about our overnight specials.

Scooter rentals are here! Get around the beach fast with our new Kymco scooters. We offer Key West style rentals with our scooters by the hour, day or week, ask about our overnight specials. Must be 18 with a valid driver's license to rent them. Brand new scooters are here and ready for fun. Get around the beach the fastest way with our new Kymco scooters. We offer Key West style rentals with these by the hour, day or week, ask about our overnight specials. We have the largest riding area around. Come see how easy it is to take a nice ride around the beach with our scooters. Must be 18 with a valid driver's license to rent.

This is the newest and hottest rental on the beach! These 3 wheel scooters are easy to operate and more stable than a conventional scooter. Holds two people comfortably and turns heads everywhere you go! We offer Key West style rentals on these! JUST ADDED!! 3 wheel scooters are here! Come down and take the newest and hottest rental scooter out today! These two seat side by side scooters are what everyone is talking about. Must be 18 with a valid driver's license to rent. We offer rentals by the hour, day , or week with discounts for the more time you take them for, ask about our overnight special. If you're not comfortable with a conventional scooter you have to try these, as easy as driving a car!



Best Prices
At Clearwater Beach Scooter Rental and Bike Rentals, we strive to provide the best prices and the most options to our customers. We're the only company offering both daily and overnight rental rates, as well as an hourly option. Take a look at some of our prices and feel free to see how they stack up to the competition:
50cc Scooters: $25 an hour, $75 for 4 hours, .
Beach Cruiser Bicycle: $10.00 an Hour or $30.00 daily – Same Price    for Tug-Along, Geared Beach Cruiser and Kid's Bicycles
3 Wheel Scoot Coupes Cars: $40.00 an Hour or 4 Hours for $120.00   

Golf Carts $60.00 an Hour, 4 Hours for $180.00 seats up to 6 adults.

We offer tug-alongs for a single child and carriers for 2 children up to 100 pounds, so the whole family can enjoy the beach together! There are also 3-wheel Scoot Coupes, which is a 3-wheeled scooter featuring side-by-side seating that's great for couples, families, and kids to cruise the beach!


Overnight Rentals
When you're on the beach, there's no reason to rent a car. You don't have to drive very far, and it's difficult to find parking in a car. We offer overnight rentals, and our bikes and scooters make great beach transportation to get your from your hotel to the beach, as well as to any of the many great local dinner venues! If you'll be around Clearwater, Florida, for more than a day, we offer 1-, 3-, 5-, and 7-day rates as well.

Chair, Float and Locker Rental Available


Come lay out on our private beach located behind Shephards Beach Resort! We offer a full line of Australian Gold™ Suncare Products for all your tanning or protection needs! Lay out on our comfortable beach chairs with cushions all day! Two chairs with cushions with an umbrella and a table for only $30 for the whole day! Peace of mind comes easy when you use our beach lockers to protect your valuables while you enjoy all the beach and water has to offer!! Locker rentals are only $5 daily with a $15 deposit which is returned when you return the lock and key provided for your rental.




Come relax today with us!



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at Shephard's Beach Resort

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