Bike Rentals in Clearwater, FL


Clearwater Scooter and Bike Rentals has the best deal on the beach for bikes!! Get anywhere in minutes on our bikes ! Beach cruisers :

men's or women's, child's bikes, 3-speed bike available, along with tug-a-long for young children. With our key west style rentals you can rent by the hour, day, weekly and overnight! they are a great way to see our beautiful beach and fun for the whole family!

• Bike - $12 for 1 hour, $35 daily.
-$70 for 3 days
-$100 for 5 days
-$130 for 7 days

Geared & Phat Tire Bikes 

$15  1 Hour

$45 Daily

• Tandem Bike - $15 for 1 hour, $45 for 4 hours and $75 daily.
• Tag A Long , Kid Carrier , kids bike  - $10 for 1 hour,     $35 daily.







Surrey Bike Rentals

Fun for the whole family.Travel the wide sidewalks of Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park. Surrey Bike rentals are equipped with cup holders and a nice canopy for shade from the sun. Its the best way for Families an other sightseers with the ability for leisurely enjoy the Dining an Shops around town.


Surrey Bike Rentals - seat 2 children and 3 adults

-$25 for 1 hour

$50 for 2 hours 

$70 for 4 hours 

$100 daily



Surrey Double Bike Rentals - seats 2 children an 6 adults

-$35 for 1 hour 

$55 for 2 hours 

$80 for 4 hours

$100 daily



RoundTail Bike Rentals

The RoundTail™ is the kind of bike that makes you want to ride. It's equal parts bicycle, sculpture and modern art. It's the kind of bike you think about while you're at work. And even better, because of the RoundTail's™ design, hours on the bike won't leave you beat up and fatigued like a traditional bike. Cycling just became a lot more fun. The RoundTail™ design delivers a bicycle that gives every rider - from the Iron Man competitor to the weekend warrior to the commuter - a strong, fast, enjoyable ride.


RoundTail Bike Rentals -

$25 for 1 hour,

$100 daily.