Since 2011, Clearwater Beach Scooter Rentals and Bike Rentals has been providing quality rentals to Clearwater, Florida. We've recently added Gas Powered 6 passenger Golf Cart ,Coupe Cars, beach cruiser an a Variety of geared bikes,8 & 5 passenger Surry Bikes, Scooter, Paddle board rentals, Kayak rentals, Jet Ski , and parasailing to our rental lines for our customers.

If you're on a beach vacation, there's no reason to rent a car to get from your hotel room to the beach—they use too much gas, and it is difficult to find parking for them. You may end up walking farther than you drove!


When you rent a scooter or rent a beach cruiser, you'll enjoy a short trip to Clearwater Beach.  For families with children, you can also find kid's bikes, tug-alongs, and child carriers for your bikes. Our Clearwater rental vehicles provide a fun experience for the entire family!


At Clearwater Beach Scooter Rentals and Bike Rentals, we want to be sure you get the most from your trip, whether it's a simple beach day or a vacation.

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                                             Chair and Locker Rental


Come lay out on our private beach located behind Shephards Beach Resort! We offer a full line of Australian Gold™ Suncare Products for all your tanning or protection needs! Lay out on our comfortable mesh chairs  all day! Two chairs with an umbrella and a table for only $30 for the whole day! 

Peace of mind comes easy when you use our beach lockers to protect your valuables while you enjoy all the beach and water has to offer!! Locker rentals are only $5 daily with a $15 deposit which is returned when you return the lock and key provided for your rental.


                                         Come relax today with us!



                                  We Offer:

  • Day and overnight/ weekly rentals

  • Extended business hours

  • A Variety of rental options.

  • Valet Parking  $3.00  hour 

  • Summer Hours Mon-Sun   9 am to 9 pm  

  • Fall -Winter Hours  Sun -Thru 9am-7pm  Fri-Sat (am - 8 pm 

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