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Since 2011, Clearwater Beach Scooter and Bike Rentals has been providing quality rentals to Clearwater, Florida. If you’re on a beach vacation, there’s no reason to rent a car to get from your hotel room to the beach—they use too much gas, and it is difficult to find parking for them. You may end up walking farther than you drove!

With our scooter, golf cart, and surrey bike rentals, however, you’ll enjoy a short trip to the beach. You can park just about anywhere (no sidewalks or beaches) you like, so you can enjoy more of the scenery! For families with children, you can also find kid’s bikes, tug-alongs, and child carriers for your bikes. Our rental vehicle provide a fun experience for the entire family.

At Clearwater Beach Scooter and Bike Rentals, we want to be sure you get the most from your trip, whether it’s a simple beach day or a vacation. With our key west style rentals you can rent by the hour, day, weekly and overnight! they are a great way to see our beautiful beach and fun for the whole family!

Beach Scooter & Bike Rental

1. All guests are encouraged to make a reservation online before arrival to ensure the equipment is available for rent at the desired departure time. Upon arrival check in with Beach Scooter & Bike Rental out front of Shephard’s Beach Resort.

2. All guests in your party MUST arrive no later than 45 minutes before the reserved departure time. Upon arrival, all guests in your party must meet the requirements listed below to participate in any equipment rental. If all of the requirements are not met, you may be subject to a non-refundable forfeit of the reservation.

Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that timely departures are crucial to accommodate all our valued guests, including those joining subsequent sessions. We greatly appreciate your punctuality, as it plays a key role in preserving the smooth flow of our schedule, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable jet-skiing experience for everyone.

3. All guests are subject to our ZERO TOLERANCE alcohol and drug policy. If you arrive intoxicated, you will NOT be allowed to participate in the operation of a jet ski or any other motorized or non-motorized vessels or rental equipment.

4. All guests checking in at Beach Scooter & Bike Rental MUST have a valid government-issued photo ID including their birth date. In the event you are pulled over by law enforcement while operating a rental, you will be required to present a photo ID to the authorities. Additional passengers who do not sign the waiver are NOT required to have a photo ID.

5. A physical copy of a major credit card is REQUIRED upon arrival and necessary to place a $500 hold per golf cart and $250 per beach scooter & bike rental, in the case of physical damages to the unit. Please keep in mind that you are liable for any and all damages or injuries caused by or to our rental equipment regardless of who is at fault, NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. All guests who intend on driving a golf cart must be at least 25 years of age. Guests who intend to operate a beach scooter or bike must be at least 18 years of age. Minors participating in any rental MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at check-in. Minors MUST be at least 6 years of age or older to operate rental bikes.

Once the waiver is signed, the individual who signed it is the designated operator for the rented equipment. Substituting or allowing a different person to operate the rentals after the waiver is signed is not permitted

7. In prioritizing the well-being of our riders and others while ensuring a safe & fun experience, here are some guidelines for the rentals:

For golf carts, please note that driving on both the beach and sidewalks is strictly prohibited. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of all individuals and maintain the integrity of the beach and pedestrian areas. Additionally, no rental bikes are allowed on the beach. However, our bikes are sidewalk-friendly.

8. We value your understanding and have established a comprehensive cancellation policy to ensure the best service for all our guests:

A. Notice of Cancellation:

  • Kindly inform us of any cancellations at least 24 hours before the reserved departure time. This allows us to manage our schedule efficiently and accommodate other guests.

B. Late Arrivals:

  • Guests arriving late may face a non-refundable forfeit of the reservation.

C. No Call, No Show:

  • Respecting everyone’s time is crucial. Failure to notify us and a no-show for the reservation will result in no refund.

D. Weather Considerations

  • All rides are subject to weather conditions. In case of inclement weather before departure, we provide the option to rebook within 1 year or a full refund, as determined by our staff.

9.  For your safety and convenience during the rental period, we prioritize certain safety measures. During the rental period, we provide complimentary locks for all rented bikes and scooters. Additionally, helmets are provided upon request to enhance your safety and comply with essential protective measures. We encourage all riders to use these safety features diligently to promote a secure and enjoyable riding experience.

10.  At Beach Scooter & Bike Rental we are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all individuals, in compliance with applicable laws. We gladly provide reasonable accommodations for guests with disabilities.

If you require a specific accommodation we need advance notice to ensure a seamless experience, we kindly request that you contact “Beach Scooter & Bike Rental” at least 24 hours before your scheduled rental time. Our team is here to assist you in any way possible, and we appreciate the opportunity to make your experience enjoyable and accessible. For any inquiries or to discuss your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.